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Log in is your first name.last name and your password you created with Mr. Dishman to get into Windows.  Once there, go to Destiny Discoverer and then into Biblionasium to get to your own bookshelves. 
Thank you for making our Scholastic Book Fair a huge success!  We sold almost $7000 in books!  That's a lot of reading that will be happening!  




One of the most popular genre of literature for both children and adults is that of mystery and detective fiction.  Most mysteries include the following "ingredients"...



Suspects: Characters believed to have possibly committed the crime

Detective: Character trying to solve the mystery

Witnesses: Characters who saw the crime being committed


This is the location where the mystery takes place.


When reading a mystery, the story usually includes one of the following:

A problem that needs to be solved

An event that cannot be explained

A secret

Something that is lost or missing

A crime that has been committed


Clues are hints that can help the reader and the detective solve the mystery.  They can be things people say or do, or objects that are found that provide important information.


These are distractions or false clues that may lead the reader or the detective off track. Red

    herrings often make it more difficult to solve a mystery.


Mystery Challenge: (Choose 1)

1.Make a WANTED poster for the villians in your book

2.Make a homemade video, like Unsolved Mysteries, using the crime from the book.

3.Look up Morse Code and write the name of the villain and the crime in Morse Code.




 I am thrilled to serve your child as his/her librarian!  I look forward to helping him/her become a critical thinker, enthusiastic reader, skillful researcher and ethical user of information!


Students may visit the library at any time for book exchange.  Whole class projects and library classes will happen as needed throughout the school year.  My goals are to teach your student how to find and use resources, use the research process and appreciate great literature. 

Please encourage your child to enjoy and take care of our library materials and return them for more.  Also, please enjoy the library books WITH your children! 

For more information, please call me at 918-272-8115.  We also have a Facebook page, Mills Media Center. 

Happy Reading!

Mrs. Owens,

Mills Media Specialist 



Media Center Mission Statement

The mission of the Owasso Library Media program is to provide an opportunity for students and staff to become effective users of ideas and information, to encourage the enjoyment of reading, and to promote life-long learning.




We are always looking for volunteers who like to shelve books and/or work in an environment where there is always something to do.  If you are interested, please contact Mrs. Owens at 918-272-8115.  Thank you for your support throughout the year.