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Student Groups / Activities

Mills Elementary is pleased that our students have the opportunity to participate in several rewarding student activities!


Encore/Honor Choir
Requirements for being a member of Encore! /Owasso Honor Choir:
  • audition and receive a position in the choir 
  • attend all honor choir rehearsals at Mills (you may have no more than three excused absences, out of all of the rehearsals, combined) 
  • keep at least a ā€œCā€ average in all classes here at Mills
Student and parents should understand that Encore! / Owasso honor choir is a year-long commitment - but what a rewarding experience! 

Mills Safety Patrol
Requirements for Mills Safety Patrol:

  • Safetry Patrol is on a voluntary basis
  • A permission slip must be signed by a parent
  • A teacher evaluation form is filled out and scored
  • The student must maintain at least a "C" average
  • The student must have a good attendance record
  • Students should be dependable and responsible when no adult is present (no more than one pink slip given within that nine week period. 
  • The student's homeroom teacher has the final say, due to the fact the teacher knows the students work habits. 



None at this time.